This project was to redesign existing slabbed areas and create a bespokeĀ focus point with Bradstone Madera and Mode Porcelain Paving and a custom built solution to an ugly brick wall.

Here are a few images of the site before the site was cleared.

Before image 1
Patio near the house

Before image 2
The lower patio

Before image 3
The wall

Before image 4
The path way between the two patio areas

The unusual outside space was previously slabbed but never landscaped which left the spaces feeling disjointed and ugly.

The Design was to use a two colour product using Bradstone porcelain Mode and Madera. Which gave these areas a modern spacious and updated feeling. The beautiful porcelain tiles linked each area of the garden and gave the outside living space a better flow.

The final part of the design called for a way to hide a very old looking wall which was done using a rustic oakĀ  wood wall that added texture and warmth to the outside living space that will look beautiful in sun or snow.

After image one
Patio closest to the house

After image 2
Lower Patio

After image 3
The wall

After image 4
Showing the path way between the two patio areas